Living Intentionally Faithfully Eternally

About L.I.F.E. Choir

Music Concerts

Music of Mercy is a collection of musicians who are available to perform regionally. The artists perform various styles of music, keeping a special emphasis on the Word of God.  Psalm 149:1 states "Sing to the Lord a new song."  Music of Mercy is founded on the principle of utilizing people who have dug deep into God's Word and in return, God has given them the gift of a new song. The family of musicians support and complement that vision. Energetic live performances infused with Biblical Truth are part of concert performances sponsored by Music of Mercy.

The Music of Mercy Family is available to play for other organization's events, offering music with a message that is sure to please everyone. Money donated at our performances is the primary way we support this ministry. We cherish your prayer support and financial contributions.

L.I.F.E. Choir: Living, Intentional, Faithful, Eternal

The L.I.F.E. Choir prepares and performs music in an annual concert as well as at various locations throughout the region. The choir welcomes all manner of disability, including  Downs Syndrome, traumatic brain injury, Autism, the blind and more.  While the choir enjoys performing, our audiences are the ones who go home enriched and delighted with the presentation.

Music Lessons

Music of Mercy endeavors to be the music facilitator for the adult disabled community.  For some, just the chance to learn music hasn't been an option. We strive to give people with a physical, mental or financial disability the chance to have music lessons and hopefully find their hidden talent. We currently offer guitar and vocal lessons but hope to expand our options to include piano and other instruments. Please contact us if you are interested in lessons or if you'd like to learn more about teaching through Music of Mercy.

Bible Studies

Music of Mercy offers Bible Studies to all disability groups. The most important story on Earth should be shared and our Bible studies offer a friendly place for people with a disability to come together to study God's word.

Musical Growth

As a group of musicians we want to exhort our performers to greater musical growth as well as greater spiritual maturity. We consider our performers as missionaries. Music of Mercy will come along side these missionaries to help them raise support as we send them out to reach others for Christ. We also hold various workshops to improve musical skills and song writing talents.